Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ruffle Top

What I'm wearing:
  • Ruffle sleeveless top
  • RayBan shades
  • Floral print skirt
  • Chanel bag
  • Ribbon belt
I wore this when we went to the church. Not so decent lol.Tucked in my top, then wore a belt to secure it. :) LIKE IT? HYPE IT!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fun with Pastels

What I'm wearing:
  • Summer flowery hat
  • Pink sweater
  • Blue long shorts
  • White polo
Tried wearing something light and cute. I think the hat looks very cute.. loljk. My hair is supposed to be laid back and clean but I think I need some accessory to add up cause the clothes I'm wearing are pretty plain. Soooo it turns out to be like this! LIKE IT? HYPE IT!


What I'm wearing:
  • White sleeveless top
  • Multicolored skirt
  • Feathered headband
  • Vintage necklace
  • Strappy wedge
This is so the chic-glam style. What I did here is I combined a very plain top and a multicolored skirt to balance it. I find this look very fresh and clean. Looking clean is a good impression. Lol. LIKE IT? HYPE IT!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dolled up

What I'm wearing: 
  • Long sweater blouse
  • Thick black stockings
  • Bow flats
  • Aviators
  • Strap body bag
 This is what I wore when we went to Ocean Park, HK. Since we had our vacation on early March, the climate in HK is still pretty cold that's why I'm wearing a long sweater blouse and a thick stockings. Since we went in a park, I used a small convenient body bag for my phone, lipgloss and digi cam. LIKE IT? HYPE IT!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clinique: Long last glosswear

My review of Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15.
Got it in shade of light pink.
Good things about this item:
  •  You will really feel that your lips is getting moisturize.
  •  Looks natural and nice.
  • Long lasting.
  • Good for everyday use because of its SPF.
  • Common SPF applicable for everyday use.
  • Nice looking lipgloss.
Bad things about it:
  • Feels very heavy.
  • Pretty expensive.
 Conclusion: Worth the price you pay! ;)

Love Rain

Love Rain (Korean Drama)
The 1970's story-line follows the popular and musically-gifted art major In-Ha (Jang Keun Suk), who encounters a female student at his university, the beautiful, gentle and soft-spoken Yoon-Hee (Im Yoona), and finds himself enamoured having fallen for her in three seconds. After accidentally finding her diary and being too shy to return it, In-Ha learns more about Yoon-Hee and attempts to further their relationship, falling deeper in love with her. However as Yoon-Hee becomes included in In-Ha's friendship group, which includes fellow university students Dong-Wook, Chang-Mo, Hye-Jung and In-Sook, In-Ha discovers that his best friend Dong-Wook is also in love with Yoon-Hee and wants In-Ha's help in winning her heart. From there, the relationship between the two is pulled into trouble as In-Ha struggles with his loyalty to his friend and his love for Yoon-Hee, while Yoon-Hee struggles with pressure from her peers and Dong-Wook, and her disappointment in In-Ha for not expressing his feelings before she started dating Dong-Wook, whom she is only with in order to please everyone. Despite judgement from friends and the troubles plaguing their situation, the two continue to grow closer - but their relationship is strife with mishaps, misunderstandings and bad luck, ultimately ending in the two going their separate ways.
Many years later in the present day, Yoon-Hee's daughter, the energetic and cheerful Jung Hana (also played by Im Yoona) and In-Ha's photographer son Seo Joon (also played by Jang Keun-Suk) meet in Hokkaido, Japan. Despite their relationship starting on rocky ground, the two bickering and disagreeing, fate or coincidence continues to bring the two together. The drama also introduces Dong-Wook's son, Lee Sun Ho and the now middle-aged In-Ha and Yoon-Hee (now played by Jung Jin-Young and Lee Mi Sook respectively). - Wikipedia

So hooked with this drama!!! The first 4 episodes are so dramatic and the following episodes are so cute and funny! I really love Jang Geun Suk. When I saw him in You're Beautiful (Kdrama) I fell in love at first sight! Loljk. Hahaha. Try watching it! Its really good! :)

Watch it on KimchiDrama!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Dancing Fountain

Bellagio Conservatory

Me and my family. :)

My most favorite hotel in The Strip! Bellagio!! I really love its classy look and It feels so vintage. I dont know why. Lol.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feather Love

What I'm wearing:
  • Simple layered dress
  • Feather scarf
  • Strappy wedge

What I'm wearing is a simple dress grabbed from my closet. Just used a feather scarf to make it look gorgeous. Of course the feather scarf should be in dark colors if your dress is in a light color and it should be in light colors if your dress is in a dark color. The necklace from Accesorize is a gift from my friend.   LIKE IT? HYPE IT!

Old Strip Vegas

Tony Roma's Resto

Winter time. Super coldddd. Shizz. But I miss the states. :( I want to go back ASAP lol haha.

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

On the way to Avenue of Stars. Sunset..... *.*


Aqua Luna (Restaurant)

Aqua Luna looks gorgeous..

Our first night in our HK vacation. I quite missed the atmosphere in Hong Kong..

Toy Story Land

Giant size Hot Wheels! Lol hahahah

New part of Hong Kong Disneyland! I super love it! Super cute but I think kids think its really creepy cause the things they're playing are 1000x larger than them. LOL